Secondary Sources to be used with Caution, Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808, A collection of upwards of Thirty-thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 1776, Even More Palatine Families: 18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies and Their German, Swiss, and Austrian Origins, Thank you so much for this interesting article on the Palatinates. heads of families or the recipient thus:--2 adults 2 young (i.e. There was no relief of any kind from the government and many people were starving. Over 3,000 had left London England almost 6 for 92 days from 25 October Viewing the Shafer project, it does appear that the 1709er Schaeffer line has probably tested and is a subgroup of haplogroup U106. St.Katherines begins on the other side of the brown building, to the far right in this photo, about half way between me and the bridge. Palatines hereafter named for themselves and their families Subsistence, Debtors Daniel Diefuh and Maria Barbara with two children were at Beckmansland about 1716/1717 [Semmendinger Register]. Numerous men descended from that family have done y-dna testing and they came back haplogroup C-M217 almost unheard of in Europe and best known for its possible connection to Genghis Khan! Hello cousin. This gives a wonderful historical background to what they endured. Knittle, Walter Allen., Cheers Yay! Charles W. Meiser We are also interested in testing by descendants of family members who stayed in Germany while others emigrated (siblings of emigrants, etc.). preponderance of evidence. Here this small colony erected some huts or long cabins, to serve temporarily as shelters. Hopefully, someone, someplace is researching these family lines and will pass the word. followed by the surname I was looking for. Sounds like a heart attack or stroke as it was in the middle of August when he died & we know how hot it gets in SC in that time of year. The Minnesota Vikings have completed the NFL draft process by selecting six players and adding 15 undrafted free agents. Waldoborough remained in ruins until 1750. Please be mindful that autosomal DNA tests are only reliable for the last 4 or 5 generations. Most of my direct ancestors followed Conrad Weiser (Friend and Indian Interpreter for Chief Shikellamy and The Colonial Government). This list was found in the Public Record Office, C.O. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. Their first child, Maria Anna Devoe was born about 1700 in the Palatinate on the Rhine. There is an Irish Palatine Heritage Centre in Rathkeale, (near Limerick and Adare),Co. Evidently Marianne, Daniels wife, was one of those who did not survive. In this, too, he failed. Their surname and my maiden name is Stauring. 1994. I descend from Jost Henrich. (Best for messages specifically directed to those editing this profile. Weiser came back to New York in 1723. They depended more upon themselves than upon others. This area has been made into a lovely waterfront park which includes the docks of course, and thehistoricDickens Inn, shown with the red hanging baskets, above. THANK YOU so much for all of this information on The German Palatinates. Here they laid out the flourishing town of Lundenburg. Despite the term "Palatine," Jones discovered that many of the families did not originate in the area of Germany known as the "Palatinate" (Pfalz in German). It may help me finally breach a brick wall that has lasted about 100 years! Someone will benefit from the database in future research, Im sure. It was named for the infant William V of Orange, whose mother Anne, daughter of King George II of Great Britain, was then regent of the Dutch Republic. This proved difficult, as the Poor Palatines were unlike previous migrant groups skilled, middle-class, religious exiles such as the Huguenots or the Dutch in the 16th century. . Thank you for your comments. 1709ers. Needless to say, my genealogy research is now entirely focused on trying to break down this wall. to the Queen's most Sacred Majesty . Hunter Dickinsons next college could bring him back to his high school days. Interestingly, even though he was an ordained minister, he was not allowed by the colonial government to provide religious services to the Germans, but he and the other pastor did provide what we would consider today to be social service. Join Geni to explore your genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. Hi Roberta, Embarkation Lists to England, 2nd to 6th Sailings. An incredibly well kept secret. The first name of Simons father is unknown, but the family had been living there since at least 1702. He falsely claimed that the Palatines had taken possession of lands in Schoharie already granted to others. My spouses ex is the Defoe-Reiffenberger descendant. Johann Jurgh (George), Jr. and his wife Gertraud had children recorded in Pastor Sommers Family List at the Fall ca. Thanks, Ill keep that on file. You can see them behind Saids car, waiting patiently for me to get my ancestor-fix. His parents were Johan Nicholas Schaeffer and Maria Katherine Suder from Relsburg, Germany. As in all new countries, the Palatines were exposed to trials, privations and hardships incident to border life. Of the large number that came to England, in 1708 and 1709, seven thousand, after having suffered great privations, returned, half naked and in despondency, to their native country. Bruce Romanchak, Im so glad that Bruce Romanchak made me aware of this article! WebAnspach, Arendorff, Barthel, Baest, Batzin, Bauch, Bell, Bellinger, Bender, Berg, Bergman, Bernhardt, Betzer, Bierman, Blass, Bonenstiehl, Bonroth, Borst, Brack, Braun, Briegel, Bruchle, Buck, Burckardt, Busch, Clevenius, Conrad, Dachstatter, Dahles, Daether, Deuchert, Dill, Dillenbachin, Dings, Donsbach, Dopff, Dorn, Dreschler, Drumbaur, Drumm, As a descendant of more than 50 1710 Palatines, I am always interested: Try this link as a start. NEGHS has some great info as well I did not see a Kast project but there are Kastler and Kastner family projects. Several such wells are to be found in the locality but some have been partly filled in for safety purposes. The three hundred on the Mississippi were very poor for some years. Maybe one of the other people who have replied can help out. Castle Matrix is the home of Thomas Southwell, the landlord who brought the Palatines to Limerick. These are wonderful resources. Dickinson, the Michigan star who entered the transfer portal last month, will visit Villanova on Friday. My spouses ex is a Palantine descendant (Abraham Defoe, Christoph and Henrich Ketzbach, Johann Georg Reiffenberger lines). Lists to England, 2nd to 6th Sailings, Names He was documented as being a miller in the US as well. The first went to Ireland, the second to Carolina and the third to New York with the new Governor, Robert Hunter. The Governor's record of his payments for the subsistence of the 847 Palatine families 1710-1712 survives today as the so-called Hunter Susistence Lists. They started The Old Stoney Creek Church. The 1709ers, by contrast, wererather unskilled rural laborers, neither sufficiently educated nor healthy enough for most types of employment. Who were their people?, Doris, Thank you for the reply. I like to think that some favor I paid forward just got paid back. Fabulous! Over the following three years, more than two thirds of the Irish Palatine settlers left Ireland [Note from me: reluctant to pay rent, angered by landlords and reception of some R.C. Excellent summary about the Palatines travails in England. Still, Id much prefer to test someone from my own proven line, just in case. There were books and papers dispersed in the Palatinate, with the Queen's picture on the books, and the title page in letters of gold, which, on that account, were called, 'The Golden Book', to encourage the Palatines to come to England, in order to be sent to the Carolinas, or to other of Her Majesty's colonies, to be settle there. and a Palatine project on FTDNA: Hereafter, the influent accession from the European continent steadily increased, so much so, as to excite attention, and create no small degree of alarm of the "fearful of the day". Hunter's My family later changed the spelling of our name to Zhe in the early 1860s; I havent been able to find out the reason for the change. Often these sources are the best (or only) information we have to work with regarding an individual or a family group. On my fathers side my grandmothers parents were mostly derived from Palatine immigrants. Today I found a FABULOUS resource for Palatine history in the Mohawk Valley: the newspaper St Johnsville NY Enterprise, which ran genealogy and history columns from about 1920 to the 1950s (a Mohawk Valley version of the Boston Transcript). If you have not already done so, be sure to check the seminal work by Henry Z. Jones, Jr. who has written many books and articles. Dickinson, the Michigan star who entered the transfer portal last month, will visit Villanova I have followed them and subsequent generations. Ernst Emichen was our immigrant ancestor from Worms, Germany in 1709-10, who settled in NY. My sources for Johann Friedrich Haegar are: 1) US and Canada, Passenger Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s, an database indicating he came to New York in 1709; 2) he is also listed in American Immigrant Minister, 1690-1811 by Gerald Fothergill, also found on; and 3) The German Element in the United States, Vol 1, chpt 4, The First Exodus-The Palatine Immigration to New York. Hunter's account against the Government for the subsistence to the Leave a message for others who see this profile. p. WebEleven or twelve ships sailed from London in 1710, carrying about 3200 Palatine immigrants to New York. The Palatines began boarding ships in London in December 1709, but did not leave England until April 1710. From this area on the Thames near St. Katherines, you can see Tower Bridge, locatedbeside the Tower of London. It is called the International German Genealogy Partnership. Hunter himself had returned to London to recoup his fortune. Ancestry Family moves to Schoharie Area 1712-1722 February 13, 2019. So when Queen Anne of England sent a fleet of three ships up the Rhine, with promises to save them, Daniels family was on the first ship. There were large accessions to this new colony in 1711 and 1717 and a few years later. Palatines 1710-1713 each having the certificates and the seal of New York There are still warehouses a block off of the waterfront. In 1751, invited by those in authority, thirty German families, and in 1752, fifteen hundred individuals from Europe, persons of means, settled in Maine. I performed a Google search London Lists AND Palatines 1709, a lot of hits came up! Over the years, their friends and family in Ireland started to follow them to Canada, and soon you had settlements in Ontario full of Irish Palatine names such as Barkman, Dolmage, Embury, Fizzell, Heck, Lawrence, Ruttle, Switzer, Sparling, and Teskey - to name a few. p. PALATINE ROOTS:THE 1710 GERMAN SETTLEMENT IN NEW YORK AS EXPERIENCED BY JOHANN PETER WAGNER. Persons who have lately visited them say, "They are the most wealthy and prosperous farmers in the county of Limerick." for 4 days subsistance distributed. Warm wishes and many thanks, From his son Cornelius line. 4 New York 1st July 1710. Thats exactly how I felt when I discovered them as well. Aug. 12th: journal, as it is called is divided under the following headings: "The 55 Mannor of Lobingston 25 March 1711. . Henry "Hank" Jones, FASG, is the leading authority on these immigrants. Palatine But until your article today, I had no idea that it was the site of the Palatinates in London. WebThis list contains the appendix of Ulrich Simmendingers pamphlet. He came from the Palatinate to Pennsylvania, then to Maryland, and about 1783 to Rockingham Co., Virginia. Thanks. This could not have come at a better time as we had planned to meet this week to discuss how we might incorporate DNA genealogy into encouraging more people to research their 1709 Palatine ancestors. He had a daughter with her, who also came to NY. I guess that is the very meaning of redevelopment. Weve been to Oppenheim on the Rhine and Ive visited the church where Johannes and Magdalena were married. They established roots, mainly in the Rathkeale area of County Limerick, Ireland, where about 1,200 of them settled on the estate of Thomas Southwell.Other colonies were set up in Old Ross and Gorey, County Wexford and in Counties Cork and Dublin. Y DNA is always passed from father to son, generally along with the surname. From WebGovernor Hunter of New York also offered to bring 3000 Palatines to the Hudson Valley to make pitch and tar from the pine trees for the British Navy. Roberta, you may already have this knowledge in your impressive arsenal, but having lived in Switzerland for 10 years, I can say with some confidence that Egli is a Swiss name. Gerhart Walrath & Anna Maria Reffi are married. Michael enlisted December 1, 1777 in Captain Bentley's Company, 3rd Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. John Neville, formally known at Name Henrich Henry Shenkel Sorry to say this link is dead as of Mar 16, 2021. WebThis project analyzes the DNA of men who descend along the DIRECT MALE LINE from the Palatine men who left Germany during the early 18th century, DURING THE PERIOD 1708-1710 OR SOON THEREAFTER. Sadly, the publisher of the book Im looking for is permanently closed. Hunter is far easier than Paladin; however, Paladin offers melee dps, healer, and tank specializations. Most proper names and nouns ending in li are Swiss and not German. The immigrants were called Poor Palatines: poor in reference to their pitiful and impoverished state upon arrival in England, and Palatines since many of them came from lands controlled by the Elector Palatine. Ret paladin does great in both PvE and PvP (though his rotation is There was also a German settlement at a place known as Hall Mill, which is some thiry miles from Philadelphia. 1 pp. To this end they appointed three of their best men to go to London and lay their grievances before King George. Since you mentioned specifically Johann Peter Schaeffer (born c1640), I thought you would have his DNA Haplogroup. This has been a wonderful read this morning. Interactive Map; Research Guidelines; Simmendinger List Governor Hunter's Ration Lists for 1710-1714 German Immigrants to NY 19th Century Emigrants from Central Franconia East and West Camp, New York They worked off their indenture, got land & when Isaac died in 1759 he was buried on his plantation near Orangeburgh, SC. This town proved detrimental to Purysburgh, being in the heart of the county and near the capital; it drew people thither, who did not care to go to Purysburgh. To meet the high demand shipping firms contracted for extra ships. 770 E Dundee Rd, Palatine, IL 60074 (708) 733-7750. This project analyzes the DNA of men who descend along the DIRECT MALE LINE from the Palatine men who left Germany during the early 18th century, DURING THE PERIOD 1708-1710 OR SOON THEREAFTER. Palatine Records in the United States. According to a lecture by Dr. George Schweitzer, a highly regarded genealogical researcher, ship owners were very actively recruiting German settlers to the colonies at this time. NY City: 25 Mar 1712: 3 pers over 10 yrs, 1 under 10 yrs Regardless of the citation formats, spot-check their information against those sources you are able to access, to see whether the primary sources validate the information found in the family genealogy. I am trying to spread it far and wide. In 1712, they purchases a large tract of land from Penn's agents in Pequae, then Chester, now Lancaster county. He was a vinedresser and left Switzerland to work in the vineyards of the Rhine Valley. All of this new development activity would mostly benefit the English businessmen that already owned considerable acreage. of Gov. Its such a joy to help break down someone elses brick wall and to introduce them to a new aspect of their family history. Some Mennonites coming from the Netherlands, settled along the Pakilmomink (Perkioming) and Schkipeck (Skippack) a few years later. Cheers, Their attempts at agriculture were therefore restricted within a very narrow compass, and the settlement of the adjoining country was retarded until the French power and influence in Nova Scotia were subdued. Hallo Roberta, Egli is a name from Switzerland. The widowed women, sickly men and orphaned children remained in New York. Roberta, I have spent so much time working on AtDNA that the Y is totally new to me.I did test at FTDNA and my results were R-M269 and my surname is Sheaffer I thought I may be able to contribute since you specifically mentioned Johann Peter Schaeffer (born c1640). The Poor Palatines as they came to be called were some 13,000 Germans who arrived in England between May and November 1709 in response to a false rumor that the The Germans were principally farmers. Categories: Palatine Migration | Palatine Ships | Province of New York, Immigrants from Holy Roman Empire, WIKITREE HOME | ABOUT | G2G FORUM | HELP | SEARCH. You might find this particular churchbook online or among the collections at Kinship, Rhinebeck, NY. There were four Board of Trade lists of the first 6520 Palatines to arrive in 1709. Daniels family was number 117 on Governor Hunters subsistence lists. This devotedly pious band of Christians was accompanied by their attached pastors, the Rev'd John Martin Boltzius and Israel Christian Gronau, and an excellent schoolmaster, Christian Ortman. It took them three full weeks. The Germans already in London now realized that the queen had never planned to settle them in America and had been completely unprepared for their arrival. 103. Another option is to have your father have his Y-DNA done on Familytree DNA and then he/you can join the Palatine and/or German Y-DNA projects. The county was formed in 1752 from parts of Bladen County, Granville County, and Johnston County. (The Huns were a mixed group including Mongolians, according to tests done on their remains in Europe and they actually got as far as the German Empire.) Ive uploaded my dads DNA to Ancestry and havent nailed this one down. She sent 10 ships to New York and promised to settle them in the Schoharie Valley on land offered by the Mohawk Indians. WebHunter Lists "Simmendinger Register": True and Authentic Register of Persons who in the Year 1709 Journeyed from Germany to America by Ullrich Simmendinger - Alphabetical list Sililar heading. Please feel free to email me and visit my blog She wasnt old. During the Spanish and French War, in 1746, Waldoborough was laid in ashes by some Canadian Indians. Expert Palatine genealogist Henry Z. Jones also wrote an enjoyable book called: Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy, quoting the experiences of many professional genealogists. Some of the German-speaking people that came to North America did not come directly. Prior to 1871, what is now Germany consisted of a number of separate states such as Wurttemberg, Prussia, Bavaria, etc., whose boundaries changed frequently as a result of war and other causes. It took four to six weeks to sail down the Rhine to Rotterdam. miami county ks obituaries, airbnb in penn estates east stroudsburg, pa,
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